Sarah (tresjolie9) wrote in ontd_latenight,

Those seeing Craig the 23rd

Might be nice to leave your name here, so I know who is who on twitter and IRL.

On twitter, I'm Tresjolie9 (as I am on LJ) in real life I'm Sarah with an H, not to be confused with another Sara, without an H who will be at the event Witherwing7.

To know what is going on with the other Craig fans on twitter, who are getting together, #CraigyatCarnegie, and search it.

Give a heads up as to what show you will be at.

I'll be at the later showing but I do want to meet up with folks who will be at the earlier showing.

If anyone wants my phone number to keep up with things, please PM me through LJ, or e-mail me :-D

My e-mail is my Tresjolie9 aol dot com

I think some of the RSA'ers on twitter are meeting at the Carnegie Deli at 4:30, I'll try to be there a bit before 4:30.

Also remember to check trending topic #RSA on twitter, Malinky is making a seating chart.
Tags: community projects/get togethers
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