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ontd_latenight's Journal

Robot Skeleton Army
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Posting Guidelines & Rules

1. KEEP ALL POSTS RELATED TO LATE NIGHT. We don’t care whether it’s about Jimmy Fallon and Late Night or George Lopez and Lopez Tonight, as long as its about a late night program.
2. NO BASHING ONE ANOTHER. We’re a community based on respect and squee, and if you come into one of our discussion posts and just start bashing people, it’s not cool. We like to stay drama-free, so please keep it that way.
3. NO JAY LENO POSTING, unless it is of the more degrading newsy kind. This community was founded by members who came together during the Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien viewing posts. We’re not his biggest fans.
4. No RPF fanfiction, or really any fanfiction.
5. Please try and keep your icons and other graphics into either our Saturday Graphic Free for All Request Post or our sister community, latenightgraphx.
6. No memes.
7. If you’re going to be advertising a community here, keep it late night related.
8. TAG YOUR POSTS! Usually the correct tag will be either "news & information", "pimping/advertisement" or "taping report/host encounters". It makes mod's life a little easier, and this community a little more organized when you do so. If your unsure of what tag to use, ask at the end of your post, a mod will then direct you to either a new tag specifically made for you or give you the proper old one to use.

Questions, Comments, Concerns?

If you have a question regarding the community or want to affiliate please contact one of the mods below by PM or via Twitter (listed below). All community breaking news such as the movement of a discussion post to our dreamwidth account shall be announced on one of the mod's Twitters.



Image and video hosting by TinyPic