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Robot Skeleton Army Report!

This is RSA minion #1983 here to give you the long awaited report for today's Late Late Show taping!
As you probably know it wasn't the Stephen Fry taping since Craig, in his infinite wisdom, decided to do a taping with no audience. So, we got other people.

Behind the cut are spoilers for the show, so beware ontd_latenite, beware!

I got to Farmer's Market at 11:50am and waited for my friend. I was running late, I was a block away when I remembered that I forgot to print the ticket! D'oh! So after a late start the traffic gods smiled at me and I made it there in ten minutes (can take up to 15-20). She didn't show up until 1pm! Yes, you heard me ontd_latenite, she didn't show up for over a hour! She knew I wanted to get food and wait, argh. Oh well, so she showed up and we grabbed foodies and hoofed it to CBS, just two blocks away.
I signed in and we waited, and waited, and waited. Around 2pm the first set of people showed up. By the way, we were first in line. At 3:30 we're escorted to the waiting area where they assign you the waiting bench area. Now, as some of you that have been to any sort of talk show taping know, just because you're seated in the second row of the waiting benches it does not mean you'll be in the second row of the studio. Anyway, the audience coordinator warmed us up (unf, forgot how cute he was). After he stopped I went and told him about the RSA shirts a lovely lady on Twitter designed. He said he'd tell Chunky but he obviously forgot because after the show, when I showed Chunky, he was spazzy over it and wanted one. I'm going to order two, one for him and Craig, and bring them next time I go. Hopefully he'll remember ;D

Anyway! Back to the show. So we get into the building and four flights of stairs later we're led into the studio. This is my fifth taping and I still can't get over how small his studio is. Seriously, it's tiny. I think my living room is bigger! It looks small on camera, it's even smaller in person, rofl. Despite being the first person in line I'm in the fourth row. Of course. Chunky warms up with his usual hilariously lame jokes, flirting, and smacking us in the face with flying candy (I caught a Mr. Goodbar, and a Hershey!)
Here's a Chunky joke:
What did the left saggy boob say to the right saggy boob? You better get some support or people will think we're nuts!

After telling us to "give him thunder" Craig walks in. He starts directly into the monologue which had a Sean Connery and old man impersonation! He did his normal "this is filmed live" and that today is March 12th, beware the Ides of March, yadda yadda yadda. So, yeah, this episode will be aired Friday the 12th of March. He talks a little about romantic comedies and how he's been married more times then he's seen a marriage movie.
After they go to break Craig talks to us a little bit. He actually wasn't as chatty with the audience as he usually is, bit bummed about that. He did talk to us though and dropped three F-Bombs, haha. He gave Michael a hard time and then smiled his cheeky smile. I mentally squeed.

After a 40 second break he does the opening. Some scattered applause, people weren't sure if they were supposed to clap. Craig was amused "I'm not sure if the audience clapped or farted".

Then he had a desk segment which, I'm sorry to say, I completely forgot. Hey, I'm exhausted! I believe he was talking about March 12th, the Ides of March, first day of Spring, etc, hehe.

Emails! It was a new jingle this time, didn't have Ass Mode. Oh, the Spanish Word of the Day is "gravedad" (gravity). Craig started singing "Feliz Gravidad! Feliz Gravidad! Merry...gravity!"
Hehe, that made me smile :D
One email was about how at least three spiders crawl into your mouth when you sleep. I'm sure Craig will be oo-la-la'd for his response since he said something like "what sort of horse shit is this?" xD
Another email was about somebody's mom wanting to get her first bikini wax. Yeah, you can probably guess Craig's reaction, made a face and said "her first You gotta be careful with careful as you get older!"
The last one was great. It was from a guy asking if Craig ever did hand modeling. Craig held up his hands and said "look at those babies". Much "wooing" was had by us ladies. He said "no, I've never had a hand job" xD xD xD
After that they went to commercials. During the commercials Craig argued with Michael over "handjob". Michael said he could use it once "I'm not going to use it again!
He did though later in the show.

The first guest was George Hamilton, meh. It was pretty funny though..and I can't for the life of me remember it. I zoned out to George and only focused on Craig, Craig's voice, and Craig's profile (mmm, nose). There was an Italian impersonation from Craig though!

His other guest was an astronaut. During the clip they showed for the IMAX movie the astronauts were talking about having to fit in tight quarters. Of course after the clip was over we lol'd a bit and Craig said "Grow up!" <3
The astronaut interview was nice. They were talking about the Space Station and how if you want to go up in the Station to work you need to know how to speak Russian. "It's Space! In space, you only speak English!" (Craig). Got a nice applause for that, hehe. He also talked about how working in space is basically coordinated and choreographed. Craig: "that's adorable!" Then he proceeded to make little dance moves <3

After that it was the end. We learned how spiders crawl into your mouth when you sleep, that he's never had a handjob, and that he's been married more times then he's seen a romantic comedy.

After that part was over Craig chatted with us for a few moments and then we found out that *gasp* he was having a stand up guy. I mentally groaned. Michael said something I didn't catch and Craig replied with "He's a good guy, they're a good audience". <33333333
Craig said goodnight to us and left. NOOOOOOOOOOO, come back Craig!

The stand up guy was...actually, he was pretty damn good. He was talking about CNN and how they have those voice overs and that they always say the same thing after interviewing somebody. "The anger lead to fear..."
His voices were really good, I think you'll like this guy when you see this show. Of course I'd rather have more Craig but if I have to sit through one of the stand ups, I'm glad it was this guy!

After Chunky joked some more we started to file out. I stopped by Chunky and told him about the shirt. He wants me to bring him one, I'll bring Craig one too...maybe I can get in front of the camera!
I also said hi to the nice black man you see in the musical numbers :D

OH! OMG! Ok, Craig's most recent tweet totally reminded me! This is a massive spoiler.

He brought out his "sidekick"....they totally pimped the skull! It looks like a Terminator head now! It's all shiny and sparkly and silver! Ahhh! :D

Here's two photos. I think you'll recognize them from a certain opening sequence ;)

It was a good day. Fun and Craig filled. I forgot just how delicious he was in person. Unf <3
There was idiot security guard though. We were half in\half out of the gate while waiting and he gave us a hard time. Whatever.

So, March 12th.
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