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03\23\2010 Late Late Show Taping Report!

Whatado everybody! I'm finally home from my 6th experience at the LLS! I had to grab food first, I was starved! I'm here to deliver the report! If you don't want spoilers, just know it was a great episode! It was epic and wonderful!

So the beginning with Chunky was normal, same ol' thing but of course it's funny. I adore Chunky, he's awesome. The little giftshop in the waiting area now sells LLS shirts! My mom picked me up one while I was sitting in the bleachers. I went to Chunky and gave him three Robot Skeleton Army shirts. Well i didn't give them to him yet, he asked me to wait until after the show, which was fine! He was excited so I was excited.

When we got into the studio we got warmed up by Chunky some more, same ol' Chunky jokes but they're always hilarious! They did the LLS montage and Craig came in and did his monologue.
The monologue was wonderful! It was on pigeons, haha. Craig mentioned can see where that went. Craig did a really great pigeon impersonation, I was impressed! I can't remember every little detail but at the end he mentioned the proper amount of suction....not only that! He actually had the audience say "proper amount of suction" with him, a first! That made me squee, that was awesome!

They went to commercial and he said howdy to us. Chatted with us for a good few minutes, he was in an extra happy mood! You can tell when he's more hyper and happy, it shows in the show :D

They then did the opening, there are two surprises in the opening! You'll love one and you might like the other.

After that he had a desk chat, talked about pigeons haha. He found out the Spanish word for pigeon and didn't like it at all. This prompted his Italian accent, haha.

Between that segment and the below one he was chatting with us about Geoff Peterson. He said he kinda wants it to have a Robotic Michael Caine voice. I don't think that was part of the show, I think that was him talking to us.

Next...tweets! The tweets happened this time, huzzah! One of my tweets were read! Mine was the very first tweet! How awesome! He had a special tweety guest, the lovely Regis Philbin! We knew he'd be there but I didn't think he'd do the tweets, it was funny. Regis did Craig's name in that sad Scottish accent, Craig's face cracked me up. Another tweet was about somebody's dad liking Twilight...and I can't remember the others. During this segment there were glitches. The sound guys had no idea what was going on but it gave us (and Craig) mega lolz. I hope they don't cut that out!

Jay Baruchel was the next guest, it was a cute interview. They were talking about tattoos, Craig might get another on his other wrist. Jay said Craig should get a vagina on his wrist, yah Craig didn't agree. They had an Awkward Pause, haha. Jay doesn't seem to get it...but it was still really funny.

After that he came back and introduced Regis and his wife Joy. They performed a song and Craig came in during it. He didn't sing with them, like they have mentioned doing. He came in wearing a sparkly suit, platinum wig, and playing a sax. He was there for about 5 seconds then wandered back out.

After Regis was done Craig came back to do the ending. He did the ending in that get-up, hehe!

After the show I said hi to Michael to producer and gave Chunky B those shirts and got myself a hug.

Definitely the best taping I've ever been to! It was wonderful! :D
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